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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care(LTC) or Long-Term Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of health-care that is beyond a predetermined period. Unlike ordinary health insurance, Long-term health insurance covers all types of long-term care needs. Its coverage include home care, assisted living, Alzheimers facilities, adult day-care, and more.

Types of Long-Term-Care Insurance:

LTC covers individuals who need the kind of care that falls under any of the 2 Long-Term-Care Insurance Types:

1. Skilled Care is a kind of health care that is provided by professional or licensed nurses, therapists and doctors. Skilled care coverage is medical in nature and policyholders with this type of coverage are typically those who need more intensive care from licensed health professionals.

2. Non-Skilled Assistance is a kind of LTC Insurance coverage that caters to those who do not necessarily need private duty nurses and doctors but critically need caregivers, companion and housekeepers who will be able to assist them in performing basic activities of daily living (ADL) such as eating, bathing, walking, toileting, etc.

Most LTC insurance policies are highly flexible. It offers coverage that can be designed to fit your medical needs. It can provide you with personal assistance due to your medical conditions or personal physical situation. It allows you to add features at an additional cost to help you achieve your desired insurance plan or coverage.

Benefits of LTC: (source: Wikepedia)

  • help those who are uncomfortable relying on their children or family members for support.
  • reduces the cost of medical assistance and services because LTC premiums may be eligible for an income tax deductions. Amount of deduction is proportional to the age of the insured person.
  • Business deductions of premiums are determined by the type of business. Generally, corporations paying premiums for employee are 100% deductible if not included in employees taxable incom

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