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Impact of Divorce on Auto Insurance

Changes in auto insurance are amongst the multitude of things to deal with in the case of divorce. As with practically every aspect of your life, there are many things to think about and act on when it comes to your auto insurance policy. If you faced with divorce, there are a number of different choices to be made in regard to your auto insurance. These need to be discussed with your auto insurance agent and possibly with your lawyer and/or your soon-to-be ex.

The following topics are the most pressing ones to address concerning the impact of divorce on auto insurance.

1. If you get a divorce, and the family auto insurance policy is split up, typically rates will raise because you will no longer be eligible for multi-car discounts and possibly other discounts.
2. How will an insurer treat coverage for a teenaged driver who is in a joint custody situation?
3. When an individual driver goes from being a secondary driver to being the primary one on a policy, will it cause    rates to raise or lower?
4. When does an auto policy officially need to be separated?
5. If a couple physically separates prior to the official divorce, how is auto insurance affected?
6. Will a former spouses credit, insurance rating or driving record affect the premium you are offered?
7. How much will your new policy cost and will it be different depending on which vehicle you get?
8. Does your state have its own specific laws concerning auto insurance policies and divorce?
9. Can you drop an ex-spouse from your policy following a divorce without telling the individual that you have done so?
10. Is it better to remain with the same insurance company you had during your marriage or shop around for a new one?

Most of these topics can be easily addressed and put to rest by an experienced, competent insurance agent. In fact, before you enter into discussions about your auto insurance with your spouse or your lawyer, it is advisable to get these things answered, so that you already have an idea of the best route to take in order to protect your own best interests. Talk to your insurance agent or any of our experts in auto insurance for concrete responses to your questions, or check with your attorney who is familiar with all the different things that need to be dealt with in the case of divorce.

When it comes down to the bottom line, shop around for prices using a car insurance comparison tool. You may find that a new policy is a better deal than the one you previously had.

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